The shoe fantasy.


Brenda Cherono



Women who love shoes may dream and fantasize about one day starting and opening a shoe store. This dream can become a reality though for anyone wanting to pursue it since shoes are something every person needs.

Learning what is involved in opening this type of store is the first step, and this includes determining how much money is needed to start a shoe business. Having Rongai as your location for starting the business one may gain a lot due to its increasing population.

While ideally your shoe store would be an overnight sensation, the reality is what it will take to build up a customer base that supports your store and makes it profitable. A shoe store business should have enough cash to cover a minimum of three to six months of operating expenses before it even opens to the public.Having this you can start the best shoe business.


Art, our culture.

Brenda Cherono


Our matatu culture is a big attraction everybody  is amazed by the beautiful graffiti on our matatus. Matatus with this art does attract a lot of customers  some matatus have gone further to the extent of having big screens and free WI-FI on board.

Graffiti has been treated as part of the kenyan culture and when  NTSA tried to do away with it there was aloud uproar from most individuals. according to this survey most people do think that pimped matatus do not cause road accidents.

Road safety will only be promoted when everyone adheres to road safety rules and avoid giving out bribes to corrupt police officers. Focus should not only be on the drivers but also pedestrians since they at times contribute to these road accidents. Road agencies need to mark, provide signage on all roads and design better roads since some roads are impassable


My issue with NTSA.

Brenda Cherono


when a traffic police officer sees a reckless driver and flags him or her down, the motorist is always ready with a bribe in his or her hand. This is the policy that has promoted reckless driving in Rongai drivers usually drive on the wrong lanes therefore causing accidents.

This is the main occurrence in Ongata Rongai roads drivers walk away from their mistakes by giving out bribes to police officers and National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) officials.

This has promoted more accidents on this road the main agenda of the drivers is to rush to town in order to acquire more customers. The flouting of the rules usually happens during the morning and the evening rush hours, the police are usually paid by the drivers in the morning.According to this survey most people supported that the NTSA wasn’t doing a commendable job in promoting road safety.

The police and NTSA officials make the traffic rules and road safety and travel look like non existent rules.People do travel praying hard to reach their destinations safely

Accommodation for Students.

Michelle Kadede


Food, shelter and clothing are the three basic needs for all humans. Therefore it is not surprising that entrepreneurs take advantage of these needs and offer them as a service that requires payment to people. In this way they are able to satisfy a need.

With that in mind, business gurus in Rongai are no different as they offer shelter to the residents at a fair price. The number of school institutions in Ongata Rongai town as well as its surroundings is adequate for a well paying business offering accommodation to the students.

Students from Multimedia University, Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology as well as The Catholic University of East Africa flood the hostels in Rongai due to the convenience. For instance, the town is near their institutions meaning that fare ranges from Ksh.20 to Ksh.40 during the rainy season. Moreover, the rent charged is quite affordable ranging from Ksh.5000 to Ksh.9,500.

Staying in the hostels in Rongai is the right choice considering the fact that some offer the students food while others allow students to cook for themselves. Some hostels accommodate both males and females while others are strict and take in a particular gender. The choice is simply yours to make.


Garbage collection

Brenda cherono

The use of polythene bags is a common thing in Ongata ongai little do the residents know that this has contributed to the environment menace in this upcoming town. the place has been littered with polythene bags making it an eyesore; the county officials in charge of cleaning the town don’t seem to be doing their work.

byte: mulinga kimani brian (20”)

incue: garbage collection…

outcue: ….an eyesore

it is very clear that the county officials are not performing their duties accordingly.




The money matter


Michelle Kadede


If you take a look at the matatus along any road you will notice that they are of two distinct types, the pimped matatus and the ordinary ones.

The pimped matatus are the ones that have graffiti on their exterior or interior while the ordinary ones are simply that, ordinary. They do not have furnishings of any type and are more traditional.

Aside from the common competition between drivers as to who will arrive faster than the other, there is always an underlying competition on wh0 earns more money. While the speed of driving matters, one cannot ignore the number of passengers on board. According to a survey taken by Rongai residents, the popular belief is that pimped matatus earn more money as compared to ordinary ones. 96% are for this belief while a mere 4% are against it.

An ordinary matatu may take thirty minutes to make it to town with twenty passengers while a pimped may take the same time with double the number of passengers. No matter how fast an ordinary matatu is driven, the pimped ones will be the winners at the end of the day due to their preference by most people.

As the saying goes, numbers never lie.

Graffiti or not?

Michelle Kadede


What if you had just the right amount of cash to start a matatu business, would the smart decision be that of pimping the matatu or letting it be?

86% of participants in a recent survey agree that they would pimp their matatus if presented with the opportunity while 14% would not. These individuals weighed the merits over the demerits of pimping matatus and it is obvious that pimped matatus are at an advantage.

The graffiti on pimped matatus are attractive to the eye and lure passengers to board them. After boarding them they are welcomed with large T.V screens busting with loud hip music that is appropriate for the youth and the young at heart. As if that is not enough, the seats are also very comfortable. It’s almost like being at the comfort of one’s own home.

Gauging the above, it is therefore reasonable for a matatu owner to charge passengers. The more services one has to charge for, the more he/she earns.

It might not even be about the speed of the matatus, the secret might be in the look.